Prayers for Change

Today our governor is going to talk about the next phase of opening up. I am praying as I have been worried about the next stage of school.

As a mother, you want your family to be safe and sound. But when you’re married to an educator, school change may mean a new financial situation. Admittedly, while there are a million things I could have worried about during this, losing one or both of our jobs ranks highly up there.

Yep, I’ll say it out loud – I’m a pretty liberal minded person. I’m literally worried today that our state will cause my husband’s job to diminish or go away because I’m not a rootin’ tootin’ Republican. Why does this have to happen? I feel like when I take a stance on something, if it’s a little less than perfectly common sense, that the whole world is going to crash for us because I’m not on the winning side?

That said, pray for our educators and coaches and band directors today. A few weeks back when I wrote about football season getting scheduled, that normalcy brought the “light at the end of the tunnel” into view. Now today, no matter how extreme it may be, I’m scared we’re going to deal with unemployment. This entire quarantine I’ve been doing “pretty good” – but the more I stay inside, the more these walls act as my fortress, the easier it is to lose it all in a moment’s thought.

That picture up there, that was at the end of a concert last year. It was meant to represent how we, as a band family, support our band director until the last note is played, until the last seat has emptied – start of school year to finish. Now I’m fearful that this coming school year will be devoid of the very things we love to do – games, concerts…hearing music played and enjoyed.

Pray for our government today, pray for those suffering with the disease, pray for the businesses both succeeding and floudering. Pray for the doctors and nurses and medical staff who are treating, beating and trying to cure this. We need a way out. I’m trying to not feel claustrophobic, clawing my way out of this, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have those moments.

Today at 2 p.m., it will just be another milestone of finding out and dealing with what’s next. I wish I could say that I could easily just get over it and say it’s a regular announcement of how to deal with the next phase, but to me, each phase is a little more scary, a little more challenging, one more thing to try and control.

When in fact, God is in control. Has been this whole time. and there’s not a thing I can do to really trump that. Thank you God for keeping us safe, blessed, roof over head and table full. For these blessings do not go unnoticed. I know there’s a message and life in all of this chaos, and I look to You to provide.



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