Life Imitates Art

Is anyone else getting more observant as this time wears on? It’s nearly as if staying in your own home’s bubble sucks you into pondering things that you never had time for before. Some days I feel that I should be more effective with this, acting on my thoughts instead of just indulging them. But then again, part of the beautiful thing about quarantine – the seemingly endless quantity of time laid out before me. I know one day I will wax nostalgic and regret that I didn’t lose the 40 lbs or write the book, but then again, just being able to lay and think and consider is luxury self-care for me.

Lately we’ve exhausted the depths of our television’s offerings. Again, probably not the the most healthy practice, but oppressive three-digit heat index can only sustain outside time for so long without spontaneously combusting.

There’ve (<—there have, not a word, but hey, my space) been some re-watches lately of shows that I think…hmm, we’re actually not too far from that. Most recently we watched Wall-E. While upon first watching, I embraced the save-your-Earth, be a good citizen messaging – what hit me like a ton of bricks this time was the robot-blobby human reliance. The people floating around on chairs and staring at screens. The lack of exercise. OMG. Are we on our way America? I literally felt dirty after watching the movie, now I’ve started to move 20 minutes a day – after working from home it’s easy to get stuck into your chair, I’m trying to stand up and move more often.

Next up is still one of the best written books/series of all time, The Handmaid’s Tale. If you’ve not picked this up, run don’t walk to Hulu and get your watch on. If you’re a fan already and haven’t read both books – including the prequel/sequel The Testaments you’re missing some juicy stuff. and again, it’s summer and the aforementioned suppressive surface-of-the-sun heat is in your area, this is a great respite. That said, I won’t ruin the show, but when the women of the world’s fertility rate’s start dropping, when government politics are fighting about not healthcare, but actual health, when genders and races are still not equal – one wonders if we are de-volving (in my humble opinion) into a Gilead of our own.

And finally, because this could be an endless list and I like sets of 3, Stranger Things. If you’re a kid of the 80s, the sets and fashion on this show is already a nostalgic feast for the eyes. Suspender pants and splatter paint, Mongoose bikes and enough hairspray to light a bonfire. While I don’t necessarily believe there’s an “Upside Down” or real-life demodogs, I do believe that there’s plenty going on government-wise that we aren’t seeing – even more so now that we’re all focused on the pandemic. Ignorance is bliss for me, and “plausible deniability” is a place I’m glad to live in at least for the moment, but don’t tell me that somewhere country or state governments (world wide even) aren’t steering their agendas as they know their people are in panic. This one’s too deep to delve into, and it’s Friday, and we’re keeping it light….but you know, food for thought.

Okay – enjoy the weekend, try not to overthink it like me.


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