Dating as Newlyweds

Yep. You guessed it. We are newlyweds and we still have debates. (that’s a nice word for fights.) Yep, I’m still a sugary sweet, ooey-gooey, schmoopy doopy, gross lovey sick newlywed. Sorry I’m not sorry. Granted it’s been awhile since I put on a dress and heels and hit the town without knowing about it... Continue Reading →

Jonesin’ For: February

So I’m aging. And well, by the time you read this post, I will have been 35 for two weeks. That’s enough to get my arse in gear isn’t it? I recently picked up these compression socks for running. I was having ugly shin splints, and while my super duper new shoes really helped, these... Continue Reading →


The Thought It’s a suit. You must…simply must…spend money on one. It’s like saying fettucine alfredo can be made simply with cheap cream cheese and old margarine. Don’t do it. It’s not right. A good suit, a good winter coat can become a basis for many, many, many accessories. But don’t skimp on your basics,... Continue Reading →

Seattle…Here we Come! The Thought I always picture a good rugged dock worker kinda guy with the tough exterior and the sensitive insides. What can I say, I’m an hopeless romantic. Actually what I see here is well put together with a touch of working guy who tries to look fashion forward. The grey screams the clouds... Continue Reading →

Flannel and Cigars Thought Call me a sucker for a workin’ man, but I love plaid. I own tons of it in my own wardrobe in every shape, size, cut and color. I think on men here, it needs to be flannel, and fuzzy. I want to burrow into a good solid hug and feel like it’s... Continue Reading →

The Spooky Kookiness of it all Thought The monster mash…and she had to be a smash….go get your dress up on girl. If you’ve got a good man, and he’s willing to go through the pain, what about being condemned…er, condiments together?? Need something for a gala? What about a smashing yellow dress and this fantastic Big Bird headband? The... Continue Reading →

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