So, I’m a Mom. and I’m still more.

Remember when I wrote this lovely little ditty amidst a passionate need to make sure the world knew I’m still me? Welp…I survived birth, but more difficult, I survived Maternity Leave. Kudos to Stay at Home Moms. “Good for you, not for me”…I cannot go 8 hours a day without intelligent adult conversation. I can’t.... Continue Reading →

16 Years. Time marches on.

At approximately 2:42 a.m. on November 18, 1999, the 59-foot high stack, consisting of about 5000 logs, collapsed during construction. Of the 58 students and former students working on the stack, 12 were killed and 27 were injured. This ended the tradition known as Bonfire on the Texas A&M Campus, and forever changed the face... Continue Reading →

Books for my Kid

Sorry, I know. Sorry I’m not sorry. It’s been such a whirlwind that I don’t even know how to start saying “I’m still here”. That said, I’m still here. I know these were on my list for quite awhile now as a to-do. And today I’m proud to say, they are done and on his... Continue Reading →

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