End of Settling In

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what October’s theme is, let’s just say I’ve known Mr. LAA for a year now, so love is in the air. Hang tight. So, settled in? I was almost up until the last day. I felt like my to-do list had waned and flagged a little in the light winds of... Continue Reading →

Have I actually relaxed?

It’s nearing the end of “settling in” theme month here on LAA. And I know the question on everyone’s minds is…”Have I actually relaxed?” I would say in many ways I have. I’ve knocked out a ton of crafts that I really wanted to do and found myself sillyly (not a word, but roll with... Continue Reading →

Today we are Settling In

And finishing that blasted bucket list. What I have realized that when you settle in, it’s like trying to find peace. and for me, finishing a list isn’t just a simple accomplishment, it is a complete reason to RELAX. So, I’m happy to report that over the last month or so, I’ve been doing tons... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry. But I’m Not.

I’ve been gone. I know. Right after I bragged about totally committing my writing skills to this blog. But I had a really, really, really good reasons you guys and gals. I got married. I KNOW. I’m there. Well I’m not. I’m still reeling. and glowing. and happy. First off, we went to Vegas. We... Continue Reading →

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