Things I’m Jonesin’ For : July

My purse totally fell apart, and usually that would be tragic because it takes me forever to find a new purse that will actually stay the course with me for awhile. That said, I found this amazing purse at JCPenney from their new Lulu Guinness line. Classic and feminine with a cool bow, I love... Continue Reading →

Running with The Animals

So summer has almost passed….and believe it or not, the animals got to go on only one run with Sir LAA. Partially my fault, it’s been so busy this summer that our anticipated schedule does not reality make. That said, it wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking about what it would take to make running with... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Ralphie

Ralph found me on September 12, 2009. I had lost my puppy Ollie over the Labor Day holiday. I didn’t expect to get another dog so soon. But there he was, rolling around in a cage with other pups, and he was so quiet and inquisitive. I brought him home, little bump on his head... Continue Reading →

Pennies from Heaven

Well, this morning I lost my electric blanket to Miss Teeth. All I did was go upstairs, plug in my hair rollers, and my cozy, wozy blanket’s cord fell prey to a dog who clearly knew I went upstairs 5 minutes earlier than her usually allotment of play time. Rest in Peace blankie wankie. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Like a Shiny New Penny

Penny Penny Penny. How I love thee. Now that the weather has turned crisp outside, she’s diving for mud puddles and paw prints are falling like leaves. (Big Fat Oak Leaves) on my rug. That’s part of owning a big dog. Anyone’s tips and tricks for making a dog STOP for a foot wash?? With... Continue Reading →

Bad. Bad. Penny.

I now know, this year, that we will not have a Halloween outfit on the big dog. Nope. Nada. Ain’t gonna happen. I thought, OOH! Finally! I can put something on her and wow, will that big dog make an impact on a fun holiday. We were going to have nothing of it. I tried... Continue Reading →

Penny Makes Sense

So, you don’t own a great dane? You’re super interested in my giant puppy? Let’s chat. 1. It’s a Great Dane, not a Greyhound. (Or a Dalmatian) Not that I mind this, right now, especially because she’s little, she’s being mistaken left and right for different breeds. What I love is “Mommy, that’s a fireman’s... Continue Reading →

Living in the State Penn

It’s getting chillier-willier in our part of town and it’s about time we start outfitting Miss Thin Skin with her first fashions for fall. After the aftermath of trying on Halloween outfits (more on that later), I didn’t think she’d be too wild about a coat. That said, I put a blanket around her the... Continue Reading →

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