Eating at My Desk – A Tribute to Bon Appetit

Each Month Bon Appetit does a great feature called “Back of the Napkin”. What I love is that it’s usually a celebrity with some of their own favorites or cute sketches about food. I decided I would do my own take on it and share with you one of my usual lunches at my desk.... Continue Reading →

Visiting NOLA

Aha. New Orleans. The Big Easy. What a wonderful place to find the photos you were looking for again. Eat yourself silly. Meet a few eccentric folks. Hear good music. Celebrate being an American. Love. Love. Enjoy. Love.

RePost: Your Tips Needed Please! | Photo Gallery: How to Take Photos of People in Places–National Geographic

While on vacation a little while back, I was struck by some light anxiety around taking photos of people in public, those that I didn’t know. and sometimes, those that may not react well to social situations. I wondered to facebook to ask my other photobug friends what they thought about taking pictures of people... Continue Reading →

RePost: Things I Want to Start Doing | My Everyday Life: Week 26– Shutterbean

I really need to start getting into Flickr or Instagram or just taking photographs more. It’s part of my Resolutions this year, and I’ve been doing MUCH better at taking the events that happen in my life. What I miss sometimes is the “mundane” things. Not to even start and say this wonderful blogger from... Continue Reading →

Finally, Memorial Day Weekend

I’m so sorry it took me this long, usually my ADHD has these posted near immediately, but somehow, life…well, just took precedence. Or was what was going on what I was “busy making other plans”…I love John Lennon. We hit Fredericksburg for an amazing weekend of dancing, graduating and birthday cake. Here’s a few details... Continue Reading →

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