RePost: DoubleShot | Ice Cream Cocktails–Saveur

Every year at Christmas my mom and I try to make these or at least have a little cocktail hour. This year, when this post from Saveur came through, Mom noticed that for years now, we’ve missed the ability to put RediWhip (yes, foodies, I use the stuff!) on top of these delights. Well, welcome... Continue Reading →

RePost: Next Year’s Homemade Gifts | How to Make Limoncello – theKitchn

I’m a huge limoncello fan after coming home from Italy. Well, it started before that when a LOVELY Italian girlfriend of mine had it mixed with a decadent cream as a digestive after a HUGE meal of gnocchi and pizza at one of Houston’s local places. That said, I always knew you could make it,... Continue Reading →

RePost: Gut Dumplings and My Family | Dinnertime in America: A legacy of pierogies in Arkansas – American Food Roots

When I was a kid, pierogies were a thing of special times. Only every so often my grandmother would visit and make us pierogi’s and we would visit my aunt’s house to eat them. I remember the oven light beaming over the stainless steel pot of boiling water and putting the dumplings in the pot... Continue Reading →

RePost: A Call to Farms | Hemingway’s Hamburger – the Paris Review

Writing and food? That’s always something I can get into. This article’s recipe at the end intrigues me, but I also love the detailed life that the article spins of how particular Hemingway was about what he ate. She goes the full journey in order to recreate this piece of Americana – despite him living... Continue Reading →

Eating on the Fly

I recently read this article about cooking before a trip so you can eat quickly after a trip. While this isn’t something I can suggest freezing, it’s actually a meal that we ate after a quick return home before a very heavy head hit the pillow. Most of these ingredients can be gotten in a... Continue Reading →

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