Running a 5K with the Hubster

I hadn’t run in. Well. I hadn’t. and it was Saturday. and we had a million things to do. But I was determined to get the day off to an amazingly successful start by doing a 5K and feeling super fit and trim and stuff. Besides, it would help me feel good that I wanted... Continue Reading →

Running. Needs to Happen.

Help me friends of the interwebs, I’m in need of motivation. I have my first 5K with the hubs next weekend. Last time I ran? I FORGET. I mean I sold a house. I got married. I moved house. I had the biggest conference week in my work year evah. I did a HUGE pitch... Continue Reading →

Resolution Check: March

Watch out world, 2014 is up and running…and I have to admit something. I hate this set of resolutions. Life has changed ten-fold since I wrote them at the end of 2013 and I think if I’m honest with myself, that some of these just aren’t going to get done. So I’m setting aside the... Continue Reading →

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