Running: I was Sick. When to Say “No”

I had some sort of flu a few days ago. I was about two days behind Sir LAA in the sickness train. He got it Friday / Saturdayish, and it just kept on rolling through town until Sunday I got a smidge of it. A little sneeze, some sore throat scratchiness, and then…well. Full on... Continue Reading →

Resolution Check: February

Here I come 2014. 1. I will be completing a photo journal rather than a written journal next year. Going strong. Every Monday, a great download of what I’ve done and where I’ve been has been going in. I’m enjoying watching how my little day to day pictures tell a story of what I see.... Continue Reading →

Making 4 Miles

So I ran four miles last week. I walked for teensy little bit, but I sure as heck ran four miles. I realized that I’m much better at this running thing when I don’t define it (yet) as running non-stop, but include a few little shut down, catch-my-breath moments in there. But the run was... Continue Reading →

Okay. So I broke down

When you’ve been sleeping for 4 hours (maybe) and then you get up at 4AM and then the coach calls you out twice and then sorta punches a few more things your way during training. And then your absolutely stellar (no really, no sarcasm) boyfriend says something, but maybe in your head it sounded sarcastic... Continue Reading →

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