RePost: A Houston Favorite | Mandola’s Deli–Houstonia Magazine

I adore this place. It’s quiet, it’s homey like a Pittsburgh bar. It has taps with beer, it has those old fashioned butcher cases with cellophane wrapped slices of heavenly Italian Cream cake and guess what, they cater too. If I ever get married and he loves me so much that he can’t stand... Continue Reading →

Fun for Friday: Houston’s best 10 Course Meal

If I were to die tomorrow and I knowingly had my last dinner tonight, I would drive around Houston seeing friends and dining on dishes that made my culinary mind expand. Likewise, my alum Christine Ha wrote perfectly about convict’s last meals, and I have to say, if it’s a night where I’m going to... Continue Reading →

A Tradition

Tradition Play Freebird! Play Freebird! It’s as traditional as that is to hear at a rock concert. Freebirds is ‘like’ a Chipotle. Now, the only concept being it’s a make your own burrito place, but the concept here is my first foray into it. I first “met” Freebirds when I was a Freshman in college.... Continue Reading →


  On an adventure to San Francisco, I was treated to lunch at the Chez Panisse Cafe. It seems to be advertised as the lesser of the two experiences – versus the dinner restaurant downstairs – but I cannot imagine how that can be. This meal sits towards the top of my lists of things... Continue Reading →

A Valentine’s day Worthy Dinner   Biga on the Banks was enjoyed while in San Antonio recently. While it sits on the Riverwalk it’s far from the kitschy tourist type place that inhabits the area. For starters we had the salmon nachos and the squid ink pasta & chicken fried oysters. Both exquisite. The entire table seemed to agree ... Continue Reading →

Excellent Find!    This was a great before the movie place. I’m still shocked that during happy hour they were empty except for us and a few folks at the sushi bar. The place is immaculent, well appointed, has a designated hibachi and sushi area (I hate when the smoke permeates the place and you can’t... Continue Reading →

A Mighty Fine Experience     A burger with everything except lettuce – which meant a generous helping of what Mighty Fine calls Red, Yeller and White – ketchup, mustard and mayo to us city folk. The fries were good, hand cut crinkle fries – they weren’t the steak fries your mama might be able to turn out... Continue Reading →

My First Taste Ever   The first time I had Indian food was at India’s restaurant. I’ve been several places since then, and will honestly say I can’t find another one like it. Another trek from my suburban home, India’s provided me a new cooking genre from my first bite. Admittedly, for those with sensitive stomachs, this might... Continue Reading →

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