Speaking Up & Out

Perhaps in the shadow of Election Day, I’ve decided to exercise my right to free speech. Ironically, I’ve been struggling with what to write lately because I’ve gone through alot with the marriage, and life around the marriage, and work and home and social life and well, adjustment. Adjustment to a new way of being.... Continue Reading →

My Rockin’ Christmas Eve Song List

It’s that time of year again and well, Christmas Eve is probably being spent in matching pajamas with my mom and dad and perhaps a few calls to the family back in Pittsburgh. There will be wine, and a good meal, and me sleeping in the room that I grew up in. I’m blessed to... Continue Reading →

Out of the Mainstream

Okay, so I normally find myself on popular rock, Top 40 stations as our last Motown-esque station went down in flames a year or so ago. And yes, my UK/international friends will know that some of these played on their radios…well..they didn’t make mine! Other more music intense towns (I’m talkin’ to you Austin, TX)... Continue Reading →

Songs for The Weekend

These all made my took-me-10-minutes to create my own personal concert....song play list of giddy happiness this AM. TGIF group. May your days ahead hold love, sunshine and every thing that your heart desires. For your personal info...I belted some of these out this AM. In my car. and I was good. 10 out of... Continue Reading →

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