Dating as Newlyweds

Yep. You guessed it. We are newlyweds and we still have debates. (that’s a nice word for fights.) Yep, I’m still a sugary sweet, ooey-gooey, schmoopy doopy, gross lovey sick newlywed. Sorry I’m not sorry. Granted it’s been awhile since I put on a dress and heels and hit the town without knowing about it... Continue Reading →

Spain: What We Did

Okay, we did more than eat… MONDAY Sir LAA had a private car take us from the airport up to the Mountain where Montserrat (a monastery, museum and small village are) is situated (first pic) The views are amazing. Christian, our chauffeur, suggested the ride down the gondolas (see last pic)…oh dear Lord, the height!... Continue Reading →

Spain: What We Ate

Okay, so continuing on our Spain tour this week, it’s all about the eating. Let’s admit it. I know this is overkill, and don’t even ask how I remember what we ate everywhere, but I did. And it was delicious. A thing to note about meals. · Most of them eat five times a day.... Continue Reading →

Spain: Where We Stayed

Since Wednesday always seems bucket related, I strayed for the next month on running (It’s 100+ degrees here people!) and thought I would share about the amazing surprise honeymoon my husband took me on. So, the first in a three part series on Barcelona is about our home away from home. We stayed at the... Continue Reading →

RePost: Pictures from Travel: What do you Do | DIY to Try: Travel Photo Diorama — Apartment Therapy

On my upcoming trip to New York, photography will undoubtedly be the most personal souvenir I “bring” home. In fact, I’m hiring a photography student to take pictures of Mom and I went we are up there. That said, I’m struggling with how to make these photos feel special. I can do a photo book,... Continue Reading →

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