A Stirring Moment of Therapy

Before all this started, each Sunday, we would rotate a family supper between ourselves and our best friends. We'd go to their house or they'd come to ours, we'd share a meal. Have some libations. Play hide n seek with our little people. We'd snack and story and gossip and breathe before the work week... Continue Reading →

A Small Escape

I mentioned loving my walk to my garden after work each day. Then I started (over)thinking how pretentious that made me sound. Despite her being a hero in my book for many things, Martha Stewart annoys me when she's like "let's stroll out into my garden" and it's a 100,000 sq ft expanse of verdant... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Posting

Like many others, I've upped my connection on Facebook, Instagram, what-have-you to feel more connected to those people who I love. That said, part of this participation is adding more of those "Day 1 of 987..post a picture of…X"….this week has me posting about motherhood and owning dogs. I'm sure next week will be "whatever... Continue Reading →

Flattening my Own Curve

This week, along with just about everyone else I know far and wide, we're inside the walls, hopefully "flattening the curve". My child is four, and he's learning more and more about the outside world. He's also remembering more, but I know that one day, hopefully, this time will be reminisced about sweetly, rather than... Continue Reading →

Get Uncomfortable

We are absolutely right – we did not plan for this life. We are brought to it and in weak moments, we find ourselves feeling like we’ve “given up so much without being asked”. Early on in my marriage, what I forgot to focus was how much I was gifted without asking. I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

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