Things I’m Jonesin’ For : July

My purse totally fell apart, and usually that would be tragic because it takes me forever to find a new purse that will actually stay the course with me for awhile. That said, I found this amazing purse at JCPenney from their new Lulu Guinness line. Classic and feminine with a cool bow, I love... Continue Reading →

Jonesin’ For: February

So I’m aging. And well, by the time you read this post, I will have been 35 for two weeks. That’s enough to get my arse in gear isn’t it? I recently picked up these compression socks for running. I was having ugly shin splints, and while my super duper new shoes really helped, these... Continue Reading →

To E on her wedding day

Very soon, a fantastic chicky in my life, who’s now considered my fantastic little sister in my world of families of choice, is getting married. After the last few weeks of teaching them to dance, her and her dad and her husband-to-be, it’s made me realize what a wonderful time in her life she’s about... Continue Reading →

A Gift for the VIPS

I know with the hustle and bustle of getting every last detail settled, every shower and appointment attended and each thing just “so”, that it’s hard to take time and have a little fun with intimate gifts on the day of the wedding. Sometimes amongst the hub bub of family and friends and the event... Continue Reading →

Gifts for Each Other think it’s a beautiful thing to surprise someone romantically. I’m the type of girl who loves someone who can just love me out in the open in front of the world. Which I think it generally the embodiment of a wedding with family and friends all around. That said, I also adore a few... Continue Reading →

What a Pear! you need a theme where everything…and I mean everything…can go with! Sometimes it all starts with him asking.  The wedding theme was right there, in the blue box with the white bow all along…. Tiffany Bezet Pear $9,150. Kick off the party with these fantastic designs from If you’ve not discovered Zazzle, you... Continue Reading →

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