Stepping Out

Tomorrow I step outside. 100 days of being in my house. I don’t mean, “I went to the grocery store near my house”…I don’t even mean I checked the mail. I literally mean, right here, inside my house. Been here the whole time. I did it largely for our family, and because it seemed pertinent... Continue Reading →

Still Here. Still Home.

Sorry, had to take a little mental floss detour. Work and home life have been a bit too much to put into words. Though, on second thought, maybe that's what I should have been doing all along. Taking the time for a time out. I'm proud to report I finished a huge (biggest of my... Continue Reading →

Prayers for Change

Today our governor is going to talk about the next phase of opening up. I am praying as I have been worried about the next stage of school. As a mother, you want your family to be safe and sound. But when you're married to an educator, school change may mean a new financial situation.... Continue Reading →

Cooking Quarantine Style

So the cooking during this crazy continues. We're super blessed to still be thriving and surviving from within the four walls - our state is opening up and there are many going out, but we have made the decision to continue to stay home. Additionally, aligned with the fact that we realize how little we... Continue Reading →

Perfect Images

As a photographer, I relish a good shot. Where you can see the crisp lines of the subject, bonus points if they’re in motion and you freeze a single split-second of time into eternity. In today’s world of selfies and unspoken competition to “who has the best insta-feed?” – it’s easy to get only into... Continue Reading →

Comfort Food

Lately, as most people seem to be doing, I'm turning to comfort food recipes. On the weekends in particular, I like to pull out those dishes I wouldn't typically have time for. This particular one stuck out as not taking a ton of time and reminds me of growing up. Joye was my Mom’s friend... Continue Reading →

So I had a Bad Day

Up until now, I'm going to say that most days, I've been doing pretty good at this stay-in-the-house-avoid-the-crazy-virus-brewing-outside thing. But everyone has a bad day now and again? I found out next week my husband has to return to work to close out the school year. Immediately I get scared thinking he's going to be... Continue Reading →

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