Instant Easter

About ten years ago, I went to my parents hometown in Pennsylvania and visited my Grandma P. It was Good Friday when I arrived and I walked in just before lunch. My aunts and uncles and cousins were there and my Grandpa was perched in his usual chair near the TV. I came in and... Continue Reading →

Boxing Myself In

People! I'm a crafter! Fun! It's my outlet - while I'm working numbers all day, and creativity isn't always..."appreciated" in that field (Ahem, Enron) in my off time, I'm crafting. It's my outlet. I used to be enamored with those people who say "I'm a quilter" or "I knit", but I'm just all over the... Continue Reading →

I’m a Geek

All day every day I speak numbers. That picture of the numbers up there a la' The Matrix (which I've never seen, sorry, not sorry) that soft rain of data, that falls on me on a daily basis. It is a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous thing. As I'm embracing my forties lately, I'm just tired of... Continue Reading →

This New Normal

A friend of mine posted this beautiful picture the other day. The one you see on this post. Her caption read: "A friendly reminder from the roses in our garden to do your bit to flatten the curve" which I responded, "And perfectly social distanced!" How quickly we adapted. A mere matter of weeks... Continue Reading →

What I Thought I Wanted

My husband started sending me the football games for next season on our calendar today. I nearly cried. Okay, shush, I did. Whatever. I was elated. Now that we’re embroiled in this new routine, I was overjoyed with happiness about even considering that “normal” is already on my calendar. He’s teaching from the front room... Continue Reading →

We Miss Y’all Too

Dear Seniors.It’s day five here. Living in the house. I’m watching rain pour down and it’s at least an echo of the feelings I’m working through right now. I know it’s not me giving up as much as you, but today, as we start the preparations for “distance learning” in our house, I’m starting to... Continue Reading →

Blessed yet Stressed

Dear Lord, Today was not my day. I realize that in the scheme of things, I've had plenty of days that were perfectly satisfactory, and even a pretty durn good fair share of great days...but today...wasn't it. I realize in these days, I'm supposed to learn something. Grace. Patience. Or even that it's okay to... Continue Reading →

A Small Escape

I mentioned loving my walk to my garden after work each day. Then I started (over)thinking how pretentious that made me sound. Despite her being a hero in my book for many things, Martha Stewart annoys me when she's like "let's stroll out into my garden" and it's a 100,000 sq ft expanse of verdant... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Posting

Like many others, I've upped my connection on Facebook, Instagram, what-have-you to feel more connected to those people who I love. That said, part of this participation is adding more of those "Day 1 of a picture of…X"….this week has me posting about motherhood and owning dogs. I'm sure next week will be "whatever... Continue Reading →

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