Hi. I’m LA

There are two things I can do in this world. Cook & Love. I love to cook. I adore it in ways that are probably unhealthy in my obsession! I’ve lost 80 lbs over the last two years, because I 702094557211a loved cooking….and well, didn’t love the elliptical machine. That said, I grew up thinking that inviting someone to the table was showing them your bounty, inviting them to your home, taking care of the preparation of a well-planned and thought out meal, it means “love”.
Not in that “your mom gave you mac and cheese to stifle your depression of a bad grade” love, I mean, I made good grades, and sure, I’m an emotional eater, but this is more about coming together as a “family” – wherever and whoever you are – with friends, with family, with an occasional stranger at a restaurant and sharing something together.

That said…I make all attempts to pull from every source I can to learn more and more about cooking. Here in my blog you will find my personally crafted recipes, my mom’s recipes, Martha Stewart’s recipes, Alton Brown another favorite, you name it, it’s allowable here. I want to make sure you see what’s sitting on my table — and then hopefully try it at yours.
IMG_2816b Secondly Fashion is art. Simply put. It’s an expression of color and texture on a canvas that is unique and unlike anything else.

I simply adore it. I’ve always wanted to wear it and only recently started to feel like I “got it”. I felt like I was always a little too out there, now I realize I just march down my own runway to my own drummer.

That said, I’m pretty thrifty, and enjoy a good deal. I understand that good quality is a virtue, but some fads, albeit fun and trendy, deserve a lower price tag. I’ll never lament having stirrup pants again, or leather leggings for that matter, but just make sure I can still afford a dinner out wearing them after the fact…

My style is quirky, but I work in a conservative office, and can appreciate the good basics that everyone needs. I stress to dress to your body type, in what makes YOU feel good. You wear the clothes…don’t let the clothes wear you!ENJOY your closet! It’s a girl sanctuary!
Beyond the closet though, dressing my nest has been my latest passion for 129516579211afashion. I’m finding my style, my way. I enjoy a good fuzzy blanket on a cold day, and I am currently loving bold letters in art. I love the newest dishes for a party, and the odd chair. I love finding new uses for old objects. I recently saw covers of books as covering for a swag lamp shade.
I love to entertain, and I always picture a space that’s open and inviting, with a bit of color and a great individualistic sense of “me”, showing either my photographs, or some of my own style – the same types I dress myself in. More and more I’m leaning towards good injections of color and less earth tones. I find good furniture pieces that anchor a room and allow me to change up the look when the mood strikes.

My love of entertaining has brought me to weddings, a romantic passion that I share with most little girls. The perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect man. I am not married, admittedly, but I have planned a previous wedding along with helping multitudes of friends.  This is something I think of a challenge, how to mesh two lives into one and attempt to take a theme, differing tastes, likes, approaches, personalities and families and make everyone look back on a day with a fondness. It is a party to me, lest we not forget, it shouldn’t be a fussy overblown affair, but one that planning makes the best day out of it, and the details are expressed perfectly. Love starting off on the right foot, should be down the best aisle possible.
So why do all this? The cooking, the clothes, the house, the wedding? Family. Right now as I close my day, I’m looking down on the cutest durn puppy out there. I can’t but help think “family” when he looks up at me. He needs me, but what is a more spectacular feeling, is that I need him. He can’t talk, but I want to have good times and I love it when I step through the door after a hard day at work and he’s more excited to see me than a rib eye on a plate….okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I digress. I have a dog seat, a great dog crate, and a basket full of, what started off as a joke, dog clothes. Ralph Thomas is a fantastic dog. I’ll be posting my best goods here and some of his own cuteness!

Through these blogs I hope to share my thoughts on being a retro girl in a modern way in a world that moves too fast!

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