Hi. I’m LA and this is my space on the interwebs. I grew up in the big city and now live in the suburbs. I like to use this space to express whatever is going on in our world, and share what I can that might make others feel a little more included or supported.  But let’s be fair, sometimes, I’m just finding my space to put some more words that are rollin’ around in my head out there.

I’m a proud Texas high school band director’s wife. Our crazy schedule and life rise and fall with the steps of 300 marchers each fall. This means that our schedule rolls with it and so do all the other things. If there’s anything that makes me unique in this world, it’s this fun aspect of our life – packing up our meals for the day, putting the kid in the car and being a part of one of Texas’ best traditions defines many of our family traditions, and we’re proud to be supporting our band family.

I’m also the mother of one fantastic journey of a boy. He’s my ultimate adventure and set of eyes  I love to see the world through. My husband and I love our little family of three and we’ve made such a wonderful home in the suburbs together. We love go to the Farmers Market, the beach, a local festival or antique fair and show him the world. This has been the best adventure of my life so far, motherhood, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m a big believer that we, as mothers, should share all the moments, not just the picture perfect ones.

Getting to this point in my life was worth the wait and the strife, and I am beyond blessed to be in my dream home, with my dream men. Family means everything to me and I can’t imagine doing this life without them.

I am a full time working woman, I’m a data geek and love anything spreadsheet. It’s probably another reason I find myself turning to words as an outlet, most days English is second to me speaking numbers. I love being able to drive successful decision making at my company by understanding what we know and trying to predict where we may go next. It’s absolutely thrilling for me to do math on a daily basis – even though the public at large may not share that same feeling!

Once you add up all that, literally in that last case, I do have a little spare time. I love to cook – while this isn’t solely a recipe blog, I do share some of what’s on my table from time to time. Additionally, I am a photographer. I used to do more family and wedding photos, but now I’m typically either taking photos of the band during the fall Friday night lights or taking a few of whatever moments are going on around us. I have found that I love to tell a story – and make sure that we don’t forget the little things who made us what we are next to the big moments that we’ll typically remember.

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