The Sketchbook Project

So kinda cool proud nerd fun geek moment. During Quarantine I found out about #thesketchbookproject through one of the blogs I follow. I’m no artist, but I figured, it’s lockdown, it’ll give me a little goal, why not. Today I received word that my sketchbook has been digitized. What makes this project special for me was that my physical book will reside in a permanent New York City museum, one day I hope to take my husband and son there to see it.

I took my mom to New York City when she retired. It was a wonderful experience. Now more than ever I remember all the people. Perhaps it’s me cringing when I watch a movie and there’s a “group hug”. I can’t imagine when we’re all going to be like that again. But nonetheless, I crave the feel of groups and people again. I hope that this brings a little bit of my heart back to the Big Apple, even if only in spirit for now. Additionally, their are traveling shows where trunks of the books travel so people can share in them. It’s open to anyone, I’m hoping my sister, who’s a way better actual artist than I am, will become another artist with them soon!

It makes even little ordinary folks like me feel like they have a voice and place to share their canvas. Over the last year I’ve really been working at making my voice louder. Okay, more than a decade really of trying not to be sorry that I spoke up and had an opinion. Now I’m just trying to find it okay “all the time” rather than in bursts. I’m getting there, and these projects help that.

Even if it’s not for you – ANYONE can participate and makes a good gift! I’m considering doing a second one for RayJ now that he’s getting so into art. My book can be found at and even more info can be found at or The Sketchbook Project

Make your voice heard.

Photo credit: The Sketchbook Project.


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