A State of Repose

TGIF Folks.

As the men of this house made their way out of the house this morning, it was my ONE JOB (as in, you had ONE JOB today) to get a few gardening supplies and place them by the back door so we could do a few projects this weekend.

Nay, sayeth the World.

I head out to the garage…found the shovel, check. Got the mulch, check. Ooh, the weed thing is on that shelf. I’m near six foot, I tippy-toed-it up there and with a firm (yet gentle) grasp, I whip the weed thing down and to my dismay, here comes the quart paint pots that came with our house.

First – thank you Sherwin Williams for putting your paint in metal. Second – Thank you NOT house builder who just “poured a lil bit of each color” into extremely breakable plastic bins that resemble sour cream containers.

So, here I am in the very early hours, perhaps maybe sharing very very loud expletives with my neighbors that is only being amplified by the closed garage situation. The only good part is – given the dozen pools going in on our street (none of which are my own) – I was drowned out perhaps saving the youth’s ears for a later date.


Grab the dust pan and immediately scooping paint into the bucket. About the 13th scoop in, yep, 13th, cause I count in panics, and yes 13, because this is #horrific…and then, my common sense kicks in to see that paint….is spreading….you know, because the force at which I’m pouring it back in….is pushing it right back out the crack on the bottom of the aforementioned cheap bucket.

WHAT TO DO! WHAT TO DO!? RUN INSIDE! So then…..thank you house builder for providing inspiration, and thanks to my thrifty Dad who always taught me to keep containers – I grab a sour cream container and there’s my new receptacle.

Lost in this tragedy are a guest towel that had already been ruined by bleach in the washer. Long live the dish brush in the absence of being able to find anything to clean with in the garage “formerly” organized by my Husband. Goodbye dear dust pan, you were faithful since the beginning.

And as a final point of irony, the color was our most-used wall color….not something like “trim” that we’ll only ever need a drop of….the color you ask? Repose Grey. Define repose….say it with me friends….”a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.”  Ha ha. Good one Universe.


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