Let Us Eat Cake

 image imageI tend to cook and have a party at my house each year, and this year, I thought it might be nice if I give myself a bit of an upgrade when comes to the sweet stuff of the evening – I found this Colorful Beaded Dessert Server set for $15 at Pier 1 and decided to let their color play up front and center as I’ll use this wonderful Pottery Barn Gabriella Cake Stand for $49.00. The price is a little steep here, but given the great quality and basic white, you could use this for many a thing!

I think the cake stand is a grossly under used item when it comes to multitasking. I’ve used mine as a place to put my gingerbread house at Christmas or my appetizers on when I have brunch and need them to stand out. Consider getting a set of different sizes and stacking them for a tier display…of cupcakes!image

I found these great larger candles at Party City, these Striped Birthday Candles imagecome in packs of twelve for $4. I thought that their size would actually overkill on the cake, but they really look cool! Plus, I think I’d be able to use them in a smaller candle stick holder and use them for outdoor parties even, I really enjoyed these colors – a white cake, with white icing, my favorite, would look great with these!

I’m always loving the neat uses for things that I can find at a restaurant supply company. I found this great find recently for way cheaper than you’ll find at usual market stores. At Jeans restaurant supply.com, they’re imageChampagne Bucket & Stand only rand $39.55! There is something fantastically luxurious like this at such an easy price! Plus it means I can up my budget on the bubbly!

image And finally, what girl doesn’t love flowers? I found these great daisy bud vases for $2 at Crate & Barrel. I thought they’d make a great “big” display if I strung 10 of them down my bar area with little flowers in them. It’ll be a big splash of decor rather than the one large bouquet, plus, I could sprinkle a few random ones here and there for a great theme but one that won’t break my wallet!

Whenever you do celebrate, take in the moments with friends. Each year is a gift!


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