Resolution Check: November

HERE WE ARE…November! Holy heck batman! And yet, this month, I felt like I got a lot DONE!! This is my last check in before the final grade next month!! What I’ve done this year so far:

1. Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. Okay. Complete fail. But I’m learning how to delegate…who wants to help me write a song? Anyone? Anyone? I can tap the keys later over Christmas. I’m considering next year just generally being more musical, perhaps this needs to be a stretch goal….dance better. Play an instrument. Take a singing class. I think I got outside my internal talent abilities on this….heeelp.

2. Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand. Okay. I’ve already said, as much time as I want to devote (read: can devote, it’s the holidays)…this is still happening. The Crazy Hat is nearing completion, pictures soon…and then the other ones will come with time. Hopefully girl movies will fly on my vacation and my creative juices will get my motor runnin’…

3. Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. All supplies in hand. I have off this Friday and Monday and this little doozy is getting knocked out. I just need a little more inspiration and my light bulb will spark up and I’m on my way….watch out Mr. Louboutin!

4. Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. Editing on my personal novel. Have 3 skeletons set for next year already – sure, mostly cookbook style items, but nonetheless, bound books of loveliness coming the world’s way! As far as a literary novel goes, I’d like to check out that 90 days of writing that the Happiness Project refers to. Speaking of which, I don’t know if it counts, but I’m working the Happiness Project too!!

5. Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – OMG, have you ever heard of Pure Barre? My wonderful friend Jen just turned me onto it. 2013….watch out. I took the class on a Monday and when I sneezed Wednesday (you know…the day after of the day after??!!)….well, my liver dislocated. It was great! So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m toning up people!

6. Take a trip – okay, there’s a road trip in my future. For safety’s sake, there’s no details yet, but you’ll see the photographic aftermath (as usual!) I can guarantee gorgeous, quirky lovely things with lots of flavor. Very excited to see what unfolds. Quite excited this resolution is happening after all, it was one that I felt was going to fall from the list!

7. Continue to build confidence – every day. Man, is this on fire! I’m feeling so good about 2013. My heart is leaping. Sure there are a few places in my life where I need to take a stand and say enough is enough, but there are other places that I’m allowing myself to see what happens and not rush myself into untimely decisions. This “okayness” that I have given myself really is helping me discover who I am and what I will stand for rather than cowing down to what others may want for me. It’s really giving me big, stable heels to stand on!

8. Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – so I’ve had some fantastic moments of fuzziness this month….Alice took the best little “birdie” bath in the sink, poured nice warm water in and then she proceeds to get in and just take care of herself with me standing by. Self cleaning rabbit – how lucky am I? I got home a little late last night and Ralph came snuggling up on the bed (not normal for usual Run-Around-Ralph) and just laid his head down as if to say “Hi. Hug the heck out of me.”…and hug I did. He got a good set of scrubblies….trademark, not a word!….and off to bed we went. They are being wonderful lately, and coming home to smiling…face…because Alice, I love you, but wow…never a smile in all that fur….has been a great month.

9. Not overloading myself. Stop and smell the roses. Okay….so I suck at this completely. But, you’ll be super proud of me, or at least I’m proud of me, I’ve redone my holiday schedule to include NIGHTS OFF. And not only that, I’ve made a command decision to keep the Christmas decor to a minimum or even nil. Sure, the idea of a tree all decked out sounded lovely, but really, sometimes the effort isn’t worth the pay off, so as of right now, I love Christmas, but I’ll enjoy the trees that I see at family and friends, and enjoy the twinkling lights around the city!


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