RePost: Why I Love Amazon | Modern Masterpieces of Comedic Genius: The Art of the Humorous Amazon Review, Part Deux–Brain Pickings

From time to time, I see the odd one of these posted to Facebook and absolutely get a kick out of the comedians who take the time to not only call out the nomenclature of products on Amazon, but to really stick it to them with the time and effort it takes to write something worth writing. This collection from Brain Pickings doesn’t disappoint.

That said, happy final days of Christmas shopping everyone. May you find whatever it is you are looking for.



Many moons ago, I wrote about the art of the humorous Amazon review as a modern masterpiece of parodic genius, embodying Arthur Koestler’s seminal “bisociation” theory of how humor and creativity work. It turns out this peculiar micro-genre of satire is surprisingly expansive — here is a sequel-selection of amusing, absurd, preposterous, and plain funny reviews, spanning everything from literary classics to industrial equipment.


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