Good Lord Dieting is Hard


In the past five minutes all of the food below has popped into my head.image

image Okay, perhaps not the past five minutes, but at least since I woke up this morning. and it’s killing me. Usually the SECOND I tell myself to cut back on the eating and up the ante on the exercise, I want to consume.



Right before our reception I salad and veggie’d it up. One night Iimage told Sir LAA, “The night we get back from our honeymoon, I want a pizza and some wine.” I’m not kidding you. Why didn’t I just blurtimage out “I know we’re going away on vacation and eating our hearts out on foreign food that will make love to my mouth and tastebuds, but dear God, I need a round greasy cheesy pepperoni’d pie to shut my soul down!”

image What is it with me lately? No, I’m not pregnant. and honestly, I’m doing pretty well on my weight. I would like to drop another 5 lbs again, but who doesn’t. I notoriously gain weight in the summer…is it the pressure of bikini season I wonder? When winter hits, I actually LOSE weight, because why? Sweaters will hide bulk and I don’t needimage to lose anything.

What are your thoughts? What are you eating good and filling that isn’t fatty?image



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