Give Someone a Foot….and it Makes a Smile

I love taking pictures of feet. Not because I have some sort of sick fetish, but sometimes a photograph of smiling faces seems way too…forced. Sometimes you remember the day because of the work boot, or the sooty foot. Sometimes it’s standing on a street with a bit of rubble or trash that marks something.

I like how a certain shoe brings back a memory of the first wearing. I love how when people end up wearing similar shoes – shows some unspoken connection on how the day should turn out.

I like how when you shouldn’t be somewhere, you take the foot, and only you know who that other set belonged too. Even if it means you’re skipping a bit of work for a 15 minute jaunt to see a tourist site.

It’s a good thing. I love it.

(Photos by Pretty. Smart. Photography. 2008 – 2009.)


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