A Book Not by It’s Cover



Ah! Cafe Pita Plus. The only Bosnian restaurant in Town. When originally driving up to this spot to celebrate my “half birthday” for fun, it was taken as a “what the….” place. Admittedly, it has a “pizza” sign blinking in the window and the liquor store donning burglar bars next door doesn’t help “set the scene”. Inside, is MUCH better. While cramped with their kitchen, the small space is done up nicely, albeit for a large screen TV with sports. It’s clean, it’s decorated, sometimes crowded and loud, most of the time I’ve found it generally sparse and quiet. image

They serve “Mediterranean like” food. They really serve Bosnian, but this is the best as I can explain to someone who hasn’t had it. They have fried cheese the likes of which you’ve never had. Forget prefrozen sticks of “melted on the outside, icy in the middle” mozzarella. These are triangles of homemade farmers cheese in a light breading served with a perfect pepper relish that makes it heaven. Order their version of “mezze” and start your evening off with salumi, olives and cheeses that make you swoon for more.

imageThey too, have a combination platter. Roast chicken and beef kebabs that are perfectly tender with rice. Lovely meatball pieces that melt and the crown jewel of their restaurant cevap. These are sausages that look much like breakfast links. But forget what you know about them, these are perfectly crisp outside, done middle bites of spice and beef. They are accompanied by a lepinje bread that makes you ache for more on your return visit.

I lunch here and the cevap and bread are served as a sandwich.  It’s a must during the week!


image Cafe Pita Plus – no website – (713) 953-7237

Rating: spoon, fork & knife – forget the exterior, the taste makes you forget where you are!


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