My Tummy Grumbly


Ralph started having problems with eating about 6 months ago. After several way-too-expensive trips to the vet to only find that he wasn’t suffering from anything more than stomach upset, I started to look at new foods. After reading up online about food allergies, I settled on Blue Buffalo Small Breed Natural Fish and Brown Rice Recipe.

This product contains no wheat which is what it seems like Ralph Thomas has issues with. Right now he’s “snarfling” it down like gangbusters. For a dog who used to have to be hand fed, just to get a half cup down, this is amazing! I’m not big on serving wet food, I think it’s messy and in my life, anything quicker is better – dry food is a must for any furry I keep.

While it runs me about $20 a month to feed my chihuahua, I think that it’s definitely worth every penny, my first vet bill alone could have paid for a years supply. When you open the bag it smells just like it says – fish and rice. It has charcoal bits and vitamins to aid in all the good digestion.

I care about one thing – it’s good for him, and he’s eating it!


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