Welcome Baaaack

For most of us, today marks our first step back into the office since the holiday rest! I’m unfortunately at home awaiting a doctor’s appointment and up early because the little kid inside of me is “actually” ready to get back to work today. I must admit, taking the hour yesterday to clean out my email box may look rather nerdy, but I’ve already dialed in from bed this am and done quite a bit of work, before the starting bell even went off. I’m rather pleased with the amount of energy I have, and more so, the readiness I am to tackle the New Year.

I didn’t go to the gym this AM, obviously schedule didn’t allow for it, but that said, I’m already packed up and energetically ready for tomorrow’s 40 minutes on an elliptical that I usually miss out on. I’m wholly committed to knocking my resolutions out of the ballpark, and whilst I’m sure that most people take today to feel this motivated and ready to tackle the list – I’m already making notes to myself and putting markers on my calendar to make sure I’m meeting those goals! Book trip to Italy! Go to Farmer’s Market! Make Dentist Appt! All of these things need to happen this year, and I’m really ready to make it to December 31st feeling accomplished! Nothing like tradition saying that you have to do something and accomplishing it on time to make you want to ring in 2012 with even more gusto!

That said, alot of this holiday was spent doing nothing. Nothing. Laying on couch all snuggled up and loved watching movies and enjoying dozing off. I think this sort of laziness is necessary if you want to truly rest. It’s great to get things done, and I feel like I did plenty over the holidays, but again, it feels alot better knowing that I got tired enough to actually want to go back to work with renewed vigor. I’m excited even. Ready to see my coworkers, ready to get the year’s accomplishments underway.

By the way, 356 shopping days til Christmas. Get on it!


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