A Tradition


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Play Freebird! Play Freebird! It’s as traditional as that is to hear at a rock concert.

Freebirds is ‘like’ a Chipotle. Now, the only concept being it’s a make your own burrito place, but the concept here is my first foray into it. I first “met” Freebirds when I was a Freshman in college. This is probably where I should have learned to pull away from the table….and not gain the Freshman 15…twice over.

imageThat said, as a treat, this is well worth the wait, calories and trip up to College Station, TX. I’m a “regular Freebird” sized girl, although they have Monster and Super Monster sizes. A spinach tortilla with their rice and traditional monterrey Jack cheese is good for starts. Add steak and black beans, all of the “Freebies” (pico de gallo, tomato, lettuce, red AND white onion, jalapeno (fresh = SEARING hot!), some of their death sauce or bbq for the more milder tastes and  then add the extra expense of guacamole and you have burrito perfect. A good cold beer added will make this one happy girl! It’s huge. Think about a coke can around give or take and about 1.5 coke cans tall. It’s a meal!

This is traditional comfort food after a bad football game at it’s best. You must try it – these are fresh ingredients, done up properly in a way that doesn’t taste like the mish mash that Mission Burrito sometimes tends to turn out. The selections are much more plentiful than the mainstream Chipotle.

They’re locations have expanded tons, so look for one in your Texas major city! Try it – it’s a change from the regular mexican food, it’s a good funky time to be had with friends!

imageFreebirds – http://www.freebirds.com/home.htm  – 979-485-8829

Rating: Spoon & fork – this is still fast food, the selection is limited, but it’s better than Chipotle could ever imagine! Gig Em!


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