Things I’m Thankful For

Today I would like be out grateful, out loud.

Thank you for my family – for which there is love that never wavers and wisdom that I do not always want to hear – but need.

Thank you to my extended family – who accept me for everything that I am, love me for it, and continue to support my endeavors for everything I want to be. One day I’ll get the accent right.

Thank you to my family of choice – for every day that you and your friendship highlight my life with it is gifts of honesty, trustworthiness and endless giggles that make the smiles that are so easy to give.

Thank you to my Aggie family – who remind me that I should always remember what can happen, what is achievable, and that life is an amazing gift.

Thank you for my job – for allowing me to feel intelligent and a part of a family – for making me feel worth it and feeling like I’m part of the “American Dream”

Thank you my club that we’re not supposed to talk about 😉 that has to do with eating copious amounts of deliciousness – you guys know how to nourish the soul. I can do two things well in life – cook and love and this table serves up both.

Thank you Alan, for being a constant friend and source of smiles from across the pond. Your voice is lovely to hear and hopefully one day hugs will finally commence!

Thank you to my wonderful wine and social analyst club – who continue to keep the most wonderfully strange conversations going around good ol’ grapes and fabulous friends.

Thank you Bowen – for being patient, being a friend, and continuing to smile when I need it most.

Thank you Kathleen, Maria, Marvie, Ali, Ellie, Peggy, Pat, and all of the wonderful ladies who make the fabric of feminine power that I pull from on a weekly basis, that leave me laughing about life’s challenges, and as always, keep wine and wisdom flowing!

For my swing dancing friends – thank you for keeping me moving and remembering that life is a dance and to be taken three minutes at a time!

Thank you Jeff – for teaching me about life and hope. Continue to dream the big dreams, and continue to achieve them.

Thank you to Ralph and Alice – unconditional love is a hard thing to find in humans at times, dogs and rabbits really got it going on. In your own fuzzy way, thanks for letting me strive to be “jumping up and down with glee” every time life presents a challenge.

And last but not least, thank you big wide world, for continuing to let me be a guest here and realize wonderfully big dreams.


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