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My wonderful family of choice contains several Scottish and English women who can cook like no one’s business. That said, I’m often finding myself immersed in a recipe they’ve shared or a lead to a website that I’ve found that is always in the metric measurements.

I thought the below was a helpful little article, not only does it help me to FINALLY get that proper measure for fish pie or tatties proper, but it also helps me do something that I’ve found is a little quirk in the kitchen. I hate using more than one measuring cup for a recipe. I don’t have one of those large cups, I have those that are shown in the pics below – a sole quarter cup, a separate half cup, etc…so when I cook, I like to try and make it through by either multiple scoops to the 1/3 cup or eyeballing my full cup measure.

This little article helps that….um, cool thing that makes me…ME.


Until We Go Metric: 7 Cooking Measurement Conversions to Know By Heart

Unfortunately, you can’t force the country to measure in easily-converted units of ten just because it would make baking brownies for the school bake sale less of a headache. But you can make life easier for yourself by memorizing this short list of essential cooking conversions.


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