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When I first started in Oil & Gas, I worked with a dozen really great sales guys who got to travel the world. When asked a few times if I’d like them to bring something back for me…I simple answered “Rocks”. I don’t know what inspired the idea actually, other than that they fit into suitcases, aren’t too suspect, and by way of not being imposing, FREE.

I never thought it would take. But even now, I find myself adding to what has become a massive collection taking up four large glass vases in my office. I have rocks from all over the world, and each one of them means a little something to me.

When it comes to buying souvenirs for myself, I try to either buy food (read: used and goes away) or to get something relatively generic – I have a snowglobe with Big Ben from London, a street car from San Francisco. These cliché items have stolen a place in my kitschy heart.

I love this bloggers idea of doing a beautiful travel photograph. This speaks loudly to my photography sense, and why I haven’t spent more time picking “that one image” representative of my trip and taking time to frame it is beyond me. In fact, I may have to go and start finding them now…and getting a jump start on the collection I should already have!


Do You Have A Go-To Souvenir?

New York Times readers sent in photos of their favorite souvenirs, including collections of heart-shaped pebbles, beach sand, and earrings brought home from around the world.

As I mentioned a while back, I’ve started treating myself to beautifully printed photos of my travels.


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