It’s a Small (Perfect) World After All

IMG_00002477I went to Disneyworld. Holy hell bits. If you talked to me a few months ago before I was there, I would have told you that a little teensy part of me was concerned that being 35 (or 34 at the time) was going to be an issue.

IMG_00002579Even for the girl who has a Kermit phone, 2 gumball machines and a slinky at her work desk.

And then. Disney became, what so many others have hailed it, the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH.IMG_00002455

and it is. It very much is. I can wake up to Mickey waffles and wear my “FIRST VISIT” pin and have people around me smiling all day long as I so cared to take it in. I rode rides, I screamed, I laughed and giggled. I found myself again, too deep for a Disneyworld post? Meh. Deal with it. I needed the best vacation ever.

Magic Kingdom was amazing. Seven rides on the Big 1900111_10153951357930595_552517206_nThunder Mountain, 3 on Space Mountain (or 4??), several on the tea cups and on their antique carousel leave you ready to take on the world again. It’s a renewal of spirit as you go through Winnie the Pooh, It’s a Small World….etc…it makes you young again. Walt Disney has the keys to the fountain of youth – he did.IMG_00002514

We spent the next day at Hollywood Studios were I got to suck up as much Muppet Magic as possible, see a nifty car stunt show (despite feeling like I drive similarly in Houston traffic…I kid…I kid)…and enjoy reading and learning more about the great big movie world. We had a blast in all of the simulation rides, and I enjoyed spending time with Sir LAA. This was day four of our trip, and his grin never seemed to go away – neither did mine.

IMG_00002542The next day we spent at Animal Kingdom – admittedly Sir said this was his last choice – and frankly, I adored it. But that said, you know how I feel about fuzzy creatures. I think they did an awesome job at IMG_00002515making life as “uncaged” as possible, and seeing the carved Tree of Life sculpture with it’s plethora of animals and finding more and more of them on new angles of viewing, made the day fun and relaxing.

1526943_10153963271680595_1220151344_nFinally…there was EPCOT. WOW. Take picture in front of the big ball. Go on the Test Track. VROOM. Hit up the Space rides. Adore all the little parts that made it pretty amazing before you even get to the side that was country upon country of little villages. Sir LAA gets to now claim he’s taken me around the world. At least for now. Don’t miss the girl in Japan beating the Congratulatory pearl found in the oyster drum. I want it as my ring tone. Please.

Each night everywhere just about ends in fireworks. Honestly, favorite memory hands down. Just sitting there, leaning up against Sir LAA and watching explosions of colors hit the sky. Each evening has something to it, something amazing. It leaves you feeling as if the whole world could…be this happy.

What makes it so special? That’s perhaps a difficult question. Sure, it’s entertainment, it’s fun. But there are so many other parks, what sets Disney apart? One of our friends attending with us said something that stuck “Disney always wins”. They do. It’s because they realized the win is in the details. Every little thing is considered and thought of – even down to the towel shaped into a fish in our hotel room.

Walt Disney has a great quote: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Which falls into my own way of “Living Big” and doing “ALL THE THINGS!?!?!”…nothing is impossible. Disney proves that over and over again. They have created an entire world, one that made me find my inner-child, to enjoy the simple happiness that makes us kids. Something that many other places on Earth have failed to do.

Would I go back? In an instant. In fact, I can’t wait to figure out when.


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