RePost: I need to learn soon | The Art of Carry-On Packing – Houstonia

After this last trip to Seattle, I’m telling you, that whole back pack and comfortable shoe thing this article mentions is a MUST. I’m on ebay right now trying to pick out something with THICK FOAM for feet and shoulders.

The hubby always says to be comfortable, and wonders why I wear high heels. For fashion and work, sure. But for traveling, as much as I want to be PERFECT on our honeymoon, I think comfort just won out.

With hills 45 degrees high, and sandals. I wanted my tennis shoes. Bad!



Like minimalism, French style, or grooming Bonsai trees, carry-on-only packing is all about editing the clutter and letting the beauty of simplicity shine through. It’s aspirational and, as I found out this month, oh-so-easy to fail at.


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