Midmonth Settling Progress Report

Wowzers. How did it get to be halfway through the month already.

Well, I have to say, I’ve fallen hard for football season.

IMG_1922And football season works for us. Now that Sir LAA is off with the second love of his life, being an educator that is, IMG_1925then I have evenings free to complete the myriad of projects that I take on in my world. What are those you ask? I’ve IMG_1924made many, probably a little too emphatically, school stuff for me and the house and yes, the dogs! There is a IMG_1938yard sign, dog band uniforms, knee socks for games and a set of custom “Tom’s” shoes with our school colors.

IMG_1996Then for the sake of doing my resolutions as usual, I finally finished my “snow globe”…guess what, bonus points, I even made it a music box! It plays “You are My Sunshine” and it has a tree with Sir LAA and my initials with a little bench I imagine us sitting on when we’re good and old. So yay for me on this one, it was actually fun to put together and figure out how to make it all work. I definitely want to try this again…I just need an inspirational idea….and the miniatures to do it.

Sir LAA’s mom and dad gave us a sign from his grandparents house IMG_1935with their name and established date. Not ever being the painter, this one was definitely a little scary, but erasing the year and “re-aging” the paint actually worked for once. Please don’t look up too close, but I’m still pretty proud of my handiwork.  

Then, it feels like the house is getting together. Granted, I’ve emptied and will refill the attic this week.  I’m sorry for not posting this yesterday, but the day just got away. I did get home and 90% of the boxes are in, and I need man power to get the last one up there. Amazing how much photo books weigh!

And guess what, somehow, the Gods aligned, and I lost some weight AND I even wanted to go running. So I did! Plus I’ve been at the gym almost every day for two weeks and feel so good. More on that later.

Plus, in a good stroke of luck I received shoe racks and my craft cart and put those together, so HA! One more thing organized and away in our house. I’m so very happy.

Tonight, barring some grocery shopping, I’m hoping to admit that I have finally completed the settling in of the house and it’s time to move into the emotional, stress and drama settling of me. One day at a time.


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