Dates with my Husband: Rewriting Romance for Dummies

First off, Sir LAA is far from dummy. FAR FROM. But I read this cute little gift book, since he mentioned it in a jokey way, and felt like I could come up with my own a little better.

Put out a dress – do not underestimate the thought put into walking into the door, and telling your woman “Put this on, we are going out.” This, I’m totally for. By the way, if you’re looking for a dress. This would do. Or this. Or these pieces even.

Bring home Chinese food – yep, this classic can work. Well, suffice it might take a call to say, “Don’t make dinner.” – then you can arrive home with that perfectly healthy meal of veggie stir fry and win her over with a night on the couch and a good movie.

Step out of your own box – yep. If you think she’ll like it but it’s not particularly your thing. Try it. Trust me, nothing will kill you and it scores huge points every time.

Write a love letter. Any paper. any length. any thing. Don’t ask her to pick up something at the grocery store or run you an errand, just tell her how you feel.

Take her photos – no girl feels prettier than when you need to remember the moment forever. snap. flash. done.

Post to facebook – never hurts to say something in front of the entirety of your friends. Means you aren’t afraid to show your feelings.

Flowers. Flowers always work. duh. Know the flowers from your wedding? or her favorite flower? or need to take her to a dance and get her a corsage. At the office (again, those public affirmations of affection…)

Get creative. Throw something into her work bag.

Breakfast. Something about the effort of dragging yourself out of bed to deliver something lovely (as easy as coffee, as complicated as eggs benedict or this…)

Dinner. Cook together. Cook for her. We don’t care. Sometimes life times spent planning dinner always needs a little ruffle in it and the effort taking it off our plate feels amazing. Even if I had something on the menu already, take the recipe out of my hands and tell me you’ll take care of it.

Pack a lunch. Admittedly, I eat the same thing for lunch and breakfast every day. Maybe once in a while, I could see what you’d design for me instead.

Pick up the phone. randomly. if I don’t pick up, leave a voicemail. I just want to hear your voice at a time I don’t expect it. it makes my day.

Photo texts. I love giggling at things that pop up on my phone unprompted. Whether it’s the latest meme joke, or a smile, or dare I say, video of singing, it truly brightens a girl’s day to look down and be loved.

Dance. Oh dear. the dancing. Yum.

The art of “I thought you’d like this.” – I’m always shopping for my partner. Whatever the next holiday is. Or the next “random day of love showing” is. I love having little gifts or things I pick up in the grocery store line. Star wars. You love it. Don’t lie. 🙂

Plan something. Anything. Make me an event.

Surprising me. At any time. with any thing. or any gesture. Random hugs, kisses and love. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Writing yourself the note to make sure you do any of this. It’s on my calendar. every day. Love my partner. Some how.

There. Romance for Dummies who are Smart.

The end.


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