This Year I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving

Sir LAA – I could type an entire blog on my thankfulness to you alone. Thank you for committing. For sticking it out. For not walking off. For convincing me most days I deserve this. For running down this path with me at breakneck speed and enjoying the adventurous journey. There is no way I can ever pay you in kind. We’ll just keep on running.

Roger the BFF – because I know he listens more than he talks. I know he cares more than he has hairs. I know deep down there he knows there’s an amazing woman out there, and an amazing life to be had and he deserves all of it.

To my parents, who listen near daily to my concerns and questions about life, liberty and my pursuit of happiness. Thank you for guiding me and letting me your peanut and chicken.

My lil sister and her husband – thanks for always being there to say that it’s all crazy, and that it’s all gonna be okay. Sometimes, as you know, we don’t need the problem fixed, we just need the ear. You do a good job.

JR – for the advice. So much of it that I will be living up to higher standards than I ever thought I’d allow other people have in my regard. Thanks for making my worth more than I thought it was, you lift me up, so I can BREATHE.

The Tralala Family – You know who you are. My goodness gracious the gifts you bring to my, our, life. I would have never considered at all during this crazy chaos called my married life that I would meet some of the warmest, most wonderful second family that I ever could have. I’m moving in, I’m bringing the dogs, the maid, my music selections and my mess with me. MOVE OVER!

The Band Family – I promised 300 kids to be a family. I promised because my husband promised. My goodness the up, down and sideways this year. We are finally hitting a good pace, and oh my, the wonderful things to come of it. We are so proud to be representing you, so blessed to watch you grow and so amazed at your endless bounty of skills and talents. Thank you for teaching us back.

For LeeleeLulu and her mother – who are rising stars in my book! Thank you for laughter and talks and PSLs and garland envy and crafting and loving BOGO sweaters more than I can, because it means I’m not the only one. You two are awesome.

Penny and Ralph and Alice – to the unconditional love and boundless energy that I get when I walk in the door. The 12 lost bratwursts and the mess you leave are all completely and utterly worth it.

K&R o’ Nomads – who gives when it’s not his calling or requirement, who’s heart is full of gold and good intention. THank you for showing me that good people do exist for strangers.

And finally, for God, who I know has a bigger plan than I can plan, and knows I have more strength than I think I do and sees more things than I can see. Thank you for keeping me here and whole and in line.


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