Good Lord Dieting is Hard


In the past five minutes all of the food below has popped into my head.image

image Okay, perhaps not the past five minutes, but at least since I woke up this morning. and it’s killing me. Usually the SECOND I tell myself to cut back on the eating and up the ante on the exercise, I want to consume.



Right before our reception I salad and veggie’d it up. One night Iimage told Sir LAA, “The night we get back from our honeymoon, I want a pizza and some wine.” I’m not kidding you. Why didn’t I just blurtimage out “I know we’re going away on vacation and eating our hearts out on foreign food that will make love to my mouth and tastebuds, but dear God, I need a round greasy cheesy pepperoni’d pie to shut my soul down!”

image What is it with me lately? No, I’m not pregnant. and honestly, I’m doing pretty well on my weight. I would like to drop another 5 lbs again, but who doesn’t. I notoriously gain weight in the summer…is it the pressure of bikini season I wonder? When winter hits, I actually LOSE weight, because why? Sweaters will hide bulk and I don’t needimage to lose anything.

What are your thoughts? What are you eating good and filling that isn’t fatty?image


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RePost: Kinda like Miller’s Guild | Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with Parsley, Celery & Blue Cheese – Not without Salt

Despite being a foodie, I think what prompted me to pick this recipe was the wooden board that they are serving the steak on.

When the husband and I had his post-half marathon meal at Miller’s Guild in Seattle, we chose to split an 82-day aged ribeye that weighed in at a whopping 29 ounces.

We licked our board clean, including the hubby who also got gifted the bone full of marrow on the serving platter. (A new fave for him MEAT BUTTER!)



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RePost: Dinner Soon | chicken caesar burger with parmesan crisps – Climbing Grier Mountain

Seriously, this week has been about cleaning out my veins full of wonderful honeymoon food.

You ever notice though, you come back from vacation, you want to eat well, but your stomach pangs mercilessly for the room service, breakfast in bed full of cheese and hollandaise and or the seafood or red meat.

and in short, doesn’t want a salad or veggies that you SHOULD be maxxing out on?

This burger is doing both!______________________________________________________________



Okay, I realize that I am writing a post about quoting Mean Girls, but I swear there is a point. When I was thinking about making a Caesar salad the other day, my mind instantly thought of the quote when Gretchen says, “Why should Caesar just get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar, right? We should totally just STAB Caesar

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WOTD: Bliss


Bliss – how did I get here feeling of elation

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Things I’m Jonesin’ For : July

imageMy purse totally fell apart, and usually that would be tragic because it takes me forever to find a new purse that will actually stay the course with me for awhile. That said, I found this amazing purse at JCPenney from their new Lulu Guinness line. Classic and feminine with a cool bow, I love the whole retro look!  

I would love to have a wedding photo and perhaps even our vows put on a custom canvas from CafePress. But then again, I could put like nine million things on these canvasses, and we have I want all the art. All the time. I need a whole museum. Sigh.

image I’m really wanting some new sandals. I’ve had three pairs, “value priced” types, go bust on me in the past few weeks. Sigh. That said, Birkenstocks seem to be making a comeback and this pair fits my weekend bang-around-doing-errands style.

imageAdmittedly, more flats blew out too. and I know they are super-expensive, but perhaps that’s the lesson I need to learn….You get what You Pay For! I keep hearing about tieks , and recently a facebook friend said hers are amazing – especially for not being a flat person – so….being a flat person myself (they are my go-to travel shoe!) ….perhaps it’s time to take the plunge?

image In November, the husband and I are going to the Austin Formula 1 race for his fortieth birthday. (He’s turning 40!) How AWESOME would this dress be? It’s “vintage” (read: can’t buy it normally any more), but I adore the classic cut. Do you think it’s wearable day to day even though the print is kitschy?

image So, Alice, the bunny rabbit, has spent almost all of her time at our new casa outside. Huge change from living inside at the old house. That said, what are your thoughts on this palace for our Alice? It has a run but there’s no floor? I was considering securing a dog pan (from a crate) to insure she doesn’t sneak out?

image So, we’re married and I didn’t want china, but I did want nice wine glasses. I’ve coveted this entire set of glasses at Crate & Barrel for years now. If you know me well enough – wine and food lover that I am, for me to keep “in touch” with the same set of plates or glasses or even flatware for more than 5 minutes is an amazing feat. So when it comes to spending a few of our wedding gifts…this may be a major lifetime purchase.

image And finally, with summer sunsets left, how romantical would it be to pack up a picnic, head out for an evening of fried chicken, potato salad and some cheap wine. Okay, it doesn’t have to be cheap wine. It can be nice fantastic wine. and it can be macaroni and cheese in that basket too. Because i’m a trashy eater. and this week of dieting is killing me.

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RePost: If I ever Move to London | 15 Surprising Things about Parenting in England – A Cup of Jo

Really great article in general about the cultural differences between Americans and the British. Having a few wonderfully British friends, this is something I’ve learned with time – I’m so grateful they are so forgiving of me…being a bit brash, a bit oversharing and a bit louder.

That said, they’ve taught me wonderful things like sticky toffee pudding and what the raggy dolls were!




On English food: Typical English food—especially pub food—is all the things children love: pies, mashed potatoes, mushy peas, fish and chips, sausages. English food used to have a reputation for being stodgy and not great. But these days, actually, the food is so good that that reputation is no longer deserved. Tom and I both put on weight when we first moved here because we loved the food (and beer) so much! There are great farmers’ markets all over London, and the supermarkets can be really inspiring.

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Running with The Animals

So summer has almost passed….and believe it or not, the animals got to go on only one run with Sir LAA. Partially my fault, it’s been so busy this summer that our anticipated schedule does not reality make.

That said, it wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking about what it would take to make running with animals better or more fun for them or what have you.

This past weekend I saw a gentleman on his bicycle with a dog on a leash. The situation seemed to work well for the pair, but I can’t imagine it didn’t take some getting used to on both of their parts.

That said.


imageA traffic leash would probably be best for our big girl Penn. She’s definitely alot of force to be dealt with and keeping her close before her power gets out of your hands is key. This would also help her learn HEEL! which we’re….uh. taking our time with. yeah. that.

image This water bottle would also be pretty handy. Both of our puppies are quite the big water slobberers. (is that a word? probably not.) so this handy device could be kept with us without too much extra weight and give an easy spot for watering when panting becomes an issue.

image Fashion can always be an issue. As runners we’re always buying technical gear, why not for our animals too? This great jacket helps keep them cooler during our hot (way hot!) summer months.

image And finally, let’s not forget Alice our bunny. In the event that we want to shake it up, THAT much, well, they have leashes for her too. Sure the neighbors may look, but how cool would that be!?

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