Gig Em!

image Ralph’s going to a tailgate! When the OU Sooners take on the Texas Aggies, Ralph is going to be wearing this fantastic piece of team wear! Found it on Amazon for 19.99 and while the price is steep for me, I think that the fun is worth it and it’s obviously something he’ll be wearing as we cheer on our Ags through a less than stellar season.


That said, I’m a big dog clothes person. I know, laugh now. It started off as a joke with friends and quickly became a hilarity that I liked sharing. I have fishing clothes, pjs, doggles (yes, dog sunglasses!) and whilst I’ve never gone so far as to get dog boots, I know they exist and would like a set should I ever decide to move up north.

I think this little jersey will make a big splash at the party and I’m excited to see how much Ralph likes the busy-ness of an Aggie tailgate. So here we go Ags! Got another little guy with a big bark to scare those Sooners!


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