I know it’s a Shock



Yes. I was skeptical at first. It’s prongs. Touching my dog. my baby! my fuzzy wuzzy bundle of love. But then I touched it and saw what it was like, and it’s not that bad, and it’s nothing like me yelling or having the reprimand Ralph every time he gets on a barking streak.

Shock collars are scary, and they can get expensive, which together for me almost meant “don’t do it”. But then I found a similar model, for $6 on ebay. I know. I know, far cry from the $50 US price. But that said, I was forging ahead anyway.

Guess what?

It worked.

Ralph is the type of barker who hears an engine outside, a car pass by, or another dog, and wants to play or meet it or chase it. When we’re in the house, this is a huge problem as he continues barking until I show him that it’s gone, or he finally wears himself out. Which, unfortunately, only happens way after I”m worn out.

I put the collar on him, and because it’s progressively worse every bark, he had to try it a few times to see if they “bad stuff” would go away. Happy to report that he barked and it stopped rather quickly the second go round.  I felt terrible the first few times, almost wincing myself each time he stopped knowing what was happening. But the greater good came through, and I’m not yelling because he’s quieted down.

It comes with battery, and two sets of prongs – one for short hair and one for fuzzy dogs. I also highly recommend you trying it yourself, as this helped ease my tension that I was hurting Ralph. It fit him perfectly and was very adjustable, should be easy to locate a size. Note, this should only be used 12 hours at a stretch, which was easy for me, off at bed time, on when I got home from work.

Try it, this could be a solution you were, literally, shocked to do.


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