It’s a whaaaa?


Yes, really. It’s a bathmat. In fact it’s Walmart’s Mainstays Harvest Bath Rug 2-Piece Set, Costa Brown for 10 dollars. Best money I’ve spent. Ralph has had a difficult time learning to get off the couch, especially when I have food in hand. It’s irritating to have him on my lap and try to have popcorn at the same time.

That said, this mat has provided me alot of solace. I’ve told him to sit on it and he’s actually very pleased to have his own space. I’ve been having general problems with “sit”until I gave him a space to do it in. I’m not that militant, he can run around and play at will, but when I need him in a corner, this seems to work magically.

My dog adores eating and the 2nd mat was placed in the kitchen. I’m happy to announced that after two weeks of learning, he’s sitting still for me when I make his food, place it on the ground and then tell him it’s okay to go. This saves my legs (and stockings!) from his nails when he was too excited to see me pull the dog food out.

It takes patience, but it’s worth it, I’m going to try traveling with these and see how well they work!


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