My First Taste Ever



The first time I had Indian food was at India’s restaurant. I’ve been several places since then, and will honestly say I can’t find another one like it. Another trek from my suburban home, India’s provided me a new cooking genre from my first bite. Admittedly, for those with sensitive stomachs, this might not be the first choice of venue. When approaching their lunch buffet, which I highly suggest over dinner just to allow your soul and digestive tract time to absorb it, it looks a bit like mash and sauce. Take your time, take small bites, this is spice art.

imageRather than highlighting every dish there, I figured I’d take you through a few of my favorites that might spark your interest in visiting yourself. I’ll start with a few beginner dishes for you first – timers. Butter chicken is a mild curry, tomato and cream based over chicken and eaten with rice. Not alot of spicy going here, but enough to show you what curry can be – consider this dipping your toe in the pool. I usually side this with a bit of saag paneer, which literally means spinach cheese. This is India’s answer to creamed spinach. A light amount of spice here, the brown color from cooking may be a turn off, but continue through. I usually sop this, along with whatever remaining sauces are on my plate, with the puffy buttery naan bread that India’s brings to the table.

For those a little more adventurous, the lamb curry is top notch here, spicier and contains bones, but really, no knife needed, I’ve always found that it falls right off. Traditional pappadum and relishes are served here – a crispy “corn tortilla” like chip made of   lentils, chickpeas and rice. They are much lower calorie. The salad is much like Mexican Pico de Gallo and there’s a lovely raita made of yogurt and cucumber to help cool off the curries you pick up. They usually have a vegetable curry or gobi masalaon the buffet as well – gobi masala is cauliflower curry. You will also see a traditional Chicken Tikka Masala – sometimes this can be a bit more medium on spicy level, but fantastic. image

For the fire breathers in the audience, let’s talk vindaloo. They have it. I’ve rarely seen it on the buffet. But it’s there. and my god. If you want your hair on your feet remove, proceed…but with caution. I’m a curry fanatic, and I LOVE theirs, but be wary. It’s great.

To cool me off and finish, I always love their jalub gamun and kheer. The little doughnut like balls of pastry in syrup and the rice pudding with pistachio confetti make for a sweet ending.

India’s – – (713) 266-0131



Rating: spoon, fork & knife – good atmosphere, good trip off the regular plate and fantastic service


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