Pennies from Heaven

Penn LogoWell, this morning I lost my electric blanket to Miss Teeth. All I did was go upstairs, plug in my hair rollers, and my cozy, wozy blanket’s cord fell prey to a dog who clearly knew I went upstairs 5 minutes earlier than her usually allotment of play time. Rest in Peace blankie wankie.

Perhaps she knew I still wanted the bigger one since the throw size doesn’t really cover all that well.

That said, it’s actually been a pretty great week with her. Last weekend, I was blessed with the most perfect Saturday morning. I threw Penny’s car hammock in the back seat and loaded her up and went to the dog park.

Lo and behold, it was the Great Dane meetup day! Penny was immediately enamored with a male harlequin when we walked into the park. It was as if the two of them were looking in a mirror. The fascination between them was hilarious….”Hey! You look like me!”….

31102 Penny and Me Dog ParkThen came the onslaught of muscle, tonnage and gentle giant love. Within 30 minutes the park was full with 15+ great danes. Some of these HUGE giants were a sight to watch. Muscles rippling and pounding across the park acreage as they sniffed and “hugged” each other. It was so wonderful to see such caring owners and well behaved dogs.

When Penny was still “little”, we went to the vet and she was nipped on the face by another Great Dane. Since then, big dogs have really not been her thing. Saturday morning changed this and she immediately met a boy dog named Roman and they were pals the entire rest of the day. Following each other and him showing Penny the ropes of how to play with her counterparts.

She’s still little comparatively, all of her 9 months is showing compared to her full grown friends. The owners were helpful in showing me how big she would get, how long that would take, and just tips in general. It was great to find friendship so unexpectedly. We will be joining them “on purpose” in the future.


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