I Took A Break: Another Thing I Mayhaps Shouldn’t have Done

I’m looking at running tonight after a week of being off. And then in 6 days my brand new run club starts with Sir LAA, who just did the Houston Half Marathon this past weekend.

No pressure. Nah.

I’m looking forward to this because I’m going to try and take Ralph, my little dog, with me, it’s 28 minute run. I feel like if I had a partner this would DEFINITELY be easier. I don’t want to make Sir LAA “walk” (comparatively) with me, but perhaps having a furry, non-judging companion would be nice.

(For the record, Sir LAA doesn’t judge, but in my head everyone does. I do. I judge me. Leave me be, this is my blog, go judge elsewhere!)

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous day here, chilly and nice and I’m happy that I get a little down time after a somewhat frenzied work week. Plus, running on my own volition has it’s ups, it makes me feel like I’m not waiting on motivation from anyone, I’m finding it from within.

That said, I’ve signed up for my first 5K, March 29th I’ll be hoofing it for the first time. By myself, which again, may have gotten me into some warmer water with the mister, but I know that my nerves will already be frazzled. Hopefully adrenaline will keep me going and I’ll be happy with my outcome.

That said, I’m starting to gear up (literally) for my first formal race. Any advice for the first-timer? I already know good shoes. What’s next?


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